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Two Step Drinking Water Purification System

Two Step Drinking Water Purification System

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  • Easy to Use
  • Compact / Portable

Coghlan's Two-Step Drinking Water Treatment is a reliable solution for backpackers and hikers who need access to safe drinking water in the outdoors. With 50 tablets per bottle, it can eliminate bacteria like Giardia from questionable water, and its neutralizer tablets remove the iodine taste from the first step of the treatment. It's a useful backup option when your primary water purification method fails, providing peace of mind on your outdoor excursions. Each treatment disinfects 1 quart of water, making it a practical and compact tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

  • Two step treatment helps remove iodine taste
  • Eliminates bacteria such as Giardia from water so you can safely consume it
  • 50 tablets per bottle
  • Treats 1 quart of water per treatment
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  • Quantity: 50 tablets per bottle
  • Maximum Treatments: 25 quarts of water
  • Storage Instructions: store in a cool, dry place


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