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Nail Peg - 4 Pack

Nail Peg - 4 Pack

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  • Durable
  • High-Strength

Coghlan's Nail Pegs are your reliable solution for securing large tents and awnings in hard ground. This 4-pack of 15-inch tent stakes, made of heavy-duty plated steel, provides durability and strength. With a plastic head offering multiple attachment points for guy lines and ropes, these stakes ensure a secure and stable setup. Simply use a mallet or hammer to drive them into the ground, and these durable pegs will provide the holding power you need.

  • Heavy-duty plated steel
  • Oversized to secure large tents and awnings
  • 15-inch (37.5 cm) length
  • 4 per package
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  • Material: Heavy-duty plated steel


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