How to Use Coghlan's Tinder and Tinder Kit

How to Use Coghlan's Tinder and Tinder Kit

Tinder and Tinder Kit Instructions

Coghlan's Tinder is a reliable and compact material that makes starting fires in emergencies or difficult situations easier. Each pack contains ten water resistant pieces of tinder (8 pieces for the tinder kit) made of cotton and paraffin wax, ensuring they light easily when wet. Each piece of tinder burns for 4-5 minutes, allowing you time to build your fire gradually. Learn how to become a fire-building master using Coghlan's Tinder and Tinder Kit

Step 1 - Gather Kindling

Collect small twigs, dry leaves, or wood splinters to build your fire. Make sure you have a safe, designated fire pit or area to start your fire.

Image of dried leaves and twigs for kindling

Step 2 - Prepare the Tinder

Remove one piece of tinder from the pack. Pull it apart to expose and loosen the individual fibers.

Hand's exposing or opening up Coghlan's Tinder fiber

Step 3 - Position the Tinder

Place the tinder in the center of your kindling materials. Arrange your small twigs and dry leaves around and over the tinder, ensuring there is enough airflow.

Hands gathering kindling wood and twigs with an exposed or opened up tinder on top

Step 4 - Ignite the Tinder

Using a match or lighter, light it. It will burn for 4-5 minutes, giving you plenty of time to add larger pieces of wood as the fire builds.

Hand's using a lighter to ignite the Coghlan's tinder over wood and twigs
Using a match or lighter

You can also use the flint striker that is included in the Coghlan's Tinder Kit. Start by unscrewing the striker pin. Then, hold the flint striker firmly and close to the tinder. Scrape the flint causing sparks to fall on and ignite the exposed tinder fibers.

Hands using the Coghlan's Tinder Kit's flint striker. About to strike the flint to light the tinder over wood and twig pieces
Using the Coghlan's Tinder Kit's flint striker

Step 5 - Maintain Fire

You can add fuel and gradually add larger pieces of wood to maintain and grow your fire. Never leave your fire unattended.

Image of a burning flame from a tinder over wood and twig pieces

Remember, always follow local regulations and guidelines for outdoor fires, and ensure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving the area.