Snapfold products at a campsite

Introducing Snapfold™

Introducing Snapfold™

Coghlan's Acquisition of Fozzils

May 28, 2024

We're thrilled to share that Coghlan's has acquired Fozzils, the innovative brand behind the popular Snapfold™ line of lightweight, flat-pack outdoor products. Loved by campers, hikers, and adventurers, Fozzils is renowned for its unique flat-pack dishes and collapsible cookware, bringing a fresh approach to outdoor gear.

With this acquisition, Coghlan's is expanding its product lineup to offer more options for campers to choose from, enhancing utility, and providing products that can suit various types of adventures. We're proud to embrace Fozzils' commitment to quality and innovation, and we can't wait to offer you even more versatile and convenient options for your outdoor adventures.

Snapfold™ Product Line

Look out for the new Coghlan's Snapfold™ line launching in Fall 2024, featuring updated colors and designs for these exciting products:

  • Snapfold™ Solo Pack
  • Snapfold™ Bowls
  • Snapfold™ Mini Colander
  • Snapfold™ Colander
  • Snapfold™ Dish Rack

Discover more about Fozzils and explore their current products at