Hands applying snap-in grommets to green tarp

How to use Coghlan's Snap-in Grommets

Snap-in Grommets Instructions

Looking to upgrade a basic plastic, vinyl, or canvas tarp? Adding our easy-to-install Snap-In Grommets makes it possible to add grommet anchor points to thin tarps and fabric for a variety of projects such as stringing up shelters. The Snap-in Grommets also work great to repair broken grommets or reinforce holes in a tarp. Here’s how:

What you'll need

  • Coghlan's Snap-In Grommets
  • Rubber or plastic mallet
  • Small knife or multi-tool with a blade
snap-in grommets, plastic mallet, and a green tarp.

Step 1: Prepare the Grommets

If you are looking to apply the grommets to a plastic material, use the grommet with the black rubber washer. 

If you are working with nylon or thin canvas fabric, remove the rubber washer from the grommet. 

hands holding the grommet with rubber washer on
hands pulling rubber washer off of grommet

Step 2: Place the Grommets

Grab the piece of material you're looking to fix the grommet to. Line up the base of the grommet on the backside of the material.  

Press the top portion of the grommet tightly with your hands to create an initial seal. 

hands placing grommet male side on back of fabric
hands pressing both sides of the grommet together through the fabric

Step 3: Tap with Mallet

Use your plastic or rubber mallet and firmly strike the top of the grommet until the grommet snaps tightly to the base. Depending on the fabric, this may self-cut the material.

tapping grommet with plastic mallet

Step 4: Cut the Fabric

If you’re using thicker plastic, nylon, or canvas, you will need to carefully cut a hole the size of the male portion of the grommet. Be careful to only cut the size of the required hole in order to allow enough material to be pressed together by the grommet. 

Repeat these steps for as many grommets as you need, and you’re set to go! 


cutting excess fabric with knife
finished grommet in tarp