Need to repair a small hole or tear in your sleeping pad, blow-up mattress, inflatable paddleboard, or inflatable beach toys? Coghlan's AirStop is a simple, easy-to-use, and permanent solution for fixing small holes in your inflatable camping equipment.

In this gear guide, we'll go through the steps required to make repairs using Coghlan's AirStop.

Step 1: Puncturing the Seal

If you're using the AirStop for the first time, you'll need to complete a few steps to get the sealant tube ready to use. Start by unscrewing the entire cap. With the cap removed, you'll be able to remove the plastic spacer ring that is in place to prevent the cap from puncturing the tube.

With the spacer ring removed, screw the cap back on the tube tightly. This will puncture the foil covering and allow the sealant to flow freely.

Step 2: Clean the Damaged Area

We recommend thoroughly cleaning the damaged area for optimal performance and a tight seal. Fully deflate your item, wash the area with soap and water, and wipe it dry.

Wiping clean a air mattress with a cloth

Step 3: Apply the Sealant

When the damage is small (a pinhole or tear under 2 inches), apply a light coat of AirStop two or three times. You can spread the sealant evenly with a small brush, cloth, or paper towel. Wait 5 minutes between each layer to allow the sealant to dry.

For heavier materials such as fabric-backed vinyl or inflatable SUPs and kayaks, apply up to five coats of AirStop. Be sure to wait 5 minutes between each coat.

Squeezing AirStop sealant onto a sleeping mattress
Spreading the AirStop sealant with a small brush

Step 4: Let the Sealant Dry

The sealant must fully dry before your gear is ready to use again. Allow at least an hour for the sealant to cure.

For Large Repairs:

If the damage is more significant than a small tear or pinhole, using a material patch along with the AirStop is recommended.

Step 1: Cut a patch of vinyl material that will fully cover the damaged area.

Step 2: Generously coat the damaged area, spreading the AirStop at least 3/8 inches from the torn edges.

Step 3: Apply the patch and apply AirStop to all edges of the patch, making a seal between the patch and the item being repaired.

Step 4: Allow the article to dry at least 10 hours before using.