5 Reasons you Need an Egg Holder

5 Reasons you Need an Egg Holder

Male cooking eggs at a campground.

Nothing says "I'm ready for the day ahead," like cooking a breakfast feast over the camp stove. You've dreamt about this moment as you've carefully planned the portions of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns required to feed the group of hungry campers. The frying pan is sizzling, and you can smell the coffee brewing in your percolator. All that's left is to reach for the eggs in the cooler and get cracking—but wait... someone packed the eggs at the bottom of the cooler. You reach into the cooler and find a soggy cardboard egg carton filled with busted eggs. Now what?

If this sounds familiar, we have a way to ensure you never have to experience this again. If you're not already using one of our Egg Holders, here are 5 reasons to go out and get yourself one today:

1. Virtually unbreakable plastic

It's no secret - eggs are fragile. On top of that, cooler space is limited, especially when you need to factor in ice. As a result, the food in our cooler is prone to getting crammed together, and all it takes is one can of soda to press into that flimsy paper egg carton and crack your vulnerable eggs. That's why we've constructed our Egg Holders out of impact-resistant and durable polypropylene. When our Egg Holder protects your eggs, you can dump that ice into the cooler with confidence and even place the eggs at the bottom of the cooler worry-free.

2. Universal fit for different egg sizes

With the unique, flexible tab supports inside of our Egg Holders, you can fit standard-sized eggs up to XL eggs without issue. The tabs flex to accommodate different-sized eggs, ensuring they remain stable when in transit. This prevents them from getting jostled around and breaking inside the case.

3. Multiple sizes for your needs

Coghlan's Egg Holders come in three different sizes: two, six, and a twelve egg holder. Whether you're limited in space in your cooler, or cooking for the whole family, there's an Egg Holder for you. Craving eggs on a solo backpacking trip? Our 2 Egg Holder is compact and easy to carry along. Headed on a week-long trip? Our 12 Egg Holder will keep your eggs safe until the very last morning.

4. Portioning made easy

No need to head to the grocery store to buy a specific flat of eggs just for your trip. With the egg holder, you can draw as many eggs as you need from the fridge without cutting the store-bought container in half or overpaying for a small 6-pack of eggs from the store. This is especially helpful if you buy eggs in bulk and otherwise have no way of transporting them in your cooler.

5. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

No one likes handwashing dishes and camping gear once you get back home. We get it, and that's why all of our egg holders are dishwasher-safe. 

Hands reaching for an Egg Holder out of a cooler.

So next time you're debating just having boring oatmeal for your camping breakfast, we encourage you to pick up an egg holder and make your ideal big breakfast a reality. Because hey, it's called "camping," not "compromising." Now go get cracking.